Phone Verification Service

1.How free trial?

You will get $ 0.2 balance when you active account by email.You can use for trial,But the SMS is be encrypt. When you pay first to our service,Your account will be Fully activated.And the SMS also be decrypt.

2.How charge the account?

Now we accpect Paypal online.You can pay at top up page.$10,$25,$50 each time.
But for control risk,You fisrt recharge will be reviewed manually.
If you recharge successfully for more than 1 times, the credits will be automatically added right after finishing the payment.

3.What about Points?

Points is same as the total recharge.more Points more discount(support chinese mobile).

4.How long the balance will be update correctly?

For the first times, Paypal payment need be review,money will be corretly added into your balance in 24 hours. If you recharge for more than 1 times, it will be update immediately after payment complete.
If use Bitcoin or Webmoney,will update balance ASAP.

5.How about I can't find the website/app I want to use?

If you not find the project that you want get SMS,you can add project,we will review and approve ASAP.

6.Fail to capture any phone number.

Check you balance that have enough money.and capture again or refresh the page.If still not work,please email us

7.Fail to Get verification SMS.

Usually, The SMS will be get in 1 minute. If you still not got SMS after 3 minutes, please capture new one phone number and Get SMS again.Also you can add this number to blacklist,and will not capture again.

8.Did you support private number?

This number is not full private,but we use once every project for every number.
Like if you use for body can capture this number for whatsapp again.
You can buy private number at our another website Receive SMS Online

9.Can I use bitcoin?

Yes,we accept BitCoin,You can find info on topup page.

10.How Withdraw?

We support Withdraw by Paypal,webmoney,Bitcoin.You need update these info at profile page,and request at withdraw page.

10.What is API thread limit?

that not limit number you use, just limit numbers quantity be capture in same time like thread
For example 20,if sms receive average cost 10 second. run one day,a software total can use (24 hours X 60 minutes X 60 seconds /10) X 20 threads = 172800 numbers

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